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Sierra Old Timers Motocross is a  club for age 30+ mx riders - men and women. The primary purpose of the club is to maintain a fun environment with safety being a must- the club motto is "everyone goes to work on Monday". That means competitive and safe racing by all participants. Sportsmanship is the name of the game.

The club holds regular Ride Days Plus we host 1 International race each year. The club is just one chapter in the International Old Timers MX Organization.

The club holds monthly meetings, Awards Banquets. Great people- Great Club, C'mon and give it a try!  

Stacey Rowe

What Class would I race? 

Locally, we have 4 classes: Master(fastest), Expert(wish they are masters-lol), Intermediate

(the most common)and Novice(beginner to... well Novice , a class for everyone!

How old do I need to be? 

Locally we classify our members based on one of the above classes you will fit best into despite age, we are open to those 30+. 

At the International races you fit into Ability as well as Age. Example: 30+ Master/Expert/Int./Novice... 50+, 60+, 70+ and even 75 and 80 Even a 90+! At the International races you race against those in your age range- which is nice.

What's the IOTMX? 

Glad you asked, it is the International Old Timers Motocross organization. There are 10 clubs from Canada down the West Coast to The Sierra. that are Chapter clubs to the SIERRA OLD TIMERS MX. Each Club or Chapter hosts an Annual 2 day race with 5 timed motos..... can you handle it? Opportunities to travel and race big name tracks like- Hangtown, Glen Helen and Washougal!! You can view the SIERRA OLD TIMERS MX race schedule from the home page near the bottom of the page.

Whats with the colored backgrounds??? 

Colored backgrounds identify which class you race:

  • Novice – Green background with white numbers

  • Intermediate – Yellow Background

  • Experts – White background with black numbers

  • Master – Black background with white numbers

                                                                                                ...pretty easy eh!

​Benefits to joining us....

Meet great guys and gals who still enjoy competitive but safe MX Racing. There are Club Series Awards, Ride Days where the club rents the track, end of series parties, plus we get our own practices during race day and generally earlier motos. Everyone is invited to come out to our monthly club meetings and express their ideas and even become part of the Executive Board.

The best part is enjoying the great members you will meet and race with. What are you waiting for?


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