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A few weeks ago this picture of Duane Quick 51s was posted or should I say a picture of the quilt the Club Champion received. In order to get a full and effective view of the quilt Duane had to stand on the bumper of his truck as a result you barely see Duane. An overall club champion is something the club reintroduced this year and was based on results from all the races attended. We are going to do it again next year and will update the standings as the year goes on Facebook and our new and improved web site which will be up and running the first of the year. The quilt was made by Paul Park’s mom and it was made with T-shirts from all the International Old Timers events. For those of us who got to see it thought it was spectacular and all of us would like to have had the chance to snuggle up with it and take a nap.

As next year unfolds we will have more information about what next year’s champion will receive. And again congratulations to Duane for a job well done!

Below is a list of the top ten in points for this year’s Club Champion. ​

Club Champion Points Top 10 As of 10-25-2016

1. Duane Quick Total Points 167 2. Doug McCaleb 120 3. Derek Currie 116 4. Craig Christian 115 5. Bud Abbott 114 6. Paul Park 112 7. Jim Patterson 105 8. Carmen Ogino 102 9. Brad Peters 99 10. Brett Eckert 80

A special mention to Mike Musca who belongs to SO-CAL and SOTMC he accumulated 177 points but is listed on the International web site as belonging to SO-CAL.

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