First things First

First things first I’m happy to report that I talked to one of our fellow riders this morning Steve Parker who for those who don’t know had a huge get off during our ride day on Friday before the weekends racing. Steve was taken to the hospital with a lower back and sternum injuries.

The sternum injury was of no real consequence but the back injury he suffered was he has some compression fractures primarily to the lumbar region but no permanent damage to the spinal cord. Initially his feet up to his knees were tingly but that went away after a few hours.

He was in good spirits very thankful he wasn’t more seriously injured and didn’t involve the two riders who were coming at him from the opposite direction.

He hopes to be out of the hospital as early as today, he will be in a back brace for awhile.

We at Sierra Old Timers wish Steve a speedy recovery.

PS We will have a report on this past week ends race soon.

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