Support Class Racing

We’ve recently mailed out the entry forms for this year’s race and want to remind everyone we do have support classes and encourage riders who fall into those age category’s to come join us.

So if you know someone who would enjoy riding on a prepped track for two days and not have to share it with 100 other riders at the same time let them know.

Pre entry is $75 for two motos on Saturday and two on Sunday. Post entry is $85. For those riders under thirty there is novice, intermediate and expert classes. If we have enough riders we will break them down into individual gates. There is also an under twenty class no class break down just one class. We will not be awarding trophies or prizes just the fun of riding.

And we would especially like to invite the lady riders. We enjoy watching you ride and compete with each other.

One other thing for those of you who have transponders bring them REP/Armstrong Racing might be able to plug them into their existing system. Otherwise you can rent a transponder for the weekend by leaving a credit card.

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