Race 5 of the International Old Timers MX series held at Prairie City June 9th & 10th

Sierra Old Timers race number 42 was held June 9th and 10th and was also round five in the International Old Timers series.

Held at the Prairie City OHV Park on the Hangtown National track, the weather was just about perfect a little windy here and there but nothing to really complain about. It could have easily been 100 and no wind at all. And the good news about this weekend, the ambulance did not move at all for three days. However that doesn’t mean there weren’t tip over’s or just plain get off’s there were but nobody left in the ambulance.

The club ended up with a decent turnout considering once again Mammoth MX was scheduled for the following weekend, along with all the graduations, weddings etc in June. Maybe it’s time for the club to look at moving the date.

This event always has a big turnout from out of State riders and I’m sure that has to do with; it’s Hangtown, just like we go to Glen Helen in SoCal or Washougal in Washington because these are they iconic tracks.

I saw a few great scraps between riders and I’m sure there were many more I didn’t see. The 50 class is and continues to be the biggest classes and as such the track layouts are evolving to accommodate those riders whose skill levels are greater than in years past. And that leaves a segment of us older riders whose skills are not that of a fifty year old; no matter how much we try to tell are selves differently. And as such some the current layouts are very challenging, I’ve quit trying to get better and push myself into trying to make that long double and any gap jumps are down carry right scary. So when a track has lips (Jump take off ramps) that send you way up in the air and are designed to help carry a rider over the jump all they do for those of us that don’t clear a jump like that is we fall out of the sky and hit the top of the jump hard and that hurts. So we have to adjust our riding styles to blend in with the newer younger riders tracks. So there are just some places you just have to be cautious about. Hopefully there’s enough of the in betweens you end up being able to get into a good rhythm on the track.

So this last weekend at the race there were a number of older riders who were complaining about the track layout and the watering. Riding a muddy track is difficult for the vast majority of us, but us older riders are not very flexible anymore we tend to be more rigid so slipping and sliding is not fun at all and we tend to tip over more in those conditions, consequently it’s zero fun.

The track was over watered in places my opinion and in a couple of places it was way over done to the point of becoming a quagmire. I think the culprits were the hand waters; they need hand watering lessons 101. There were a couple riders (I’m sure there weren’t any of us older riders though) who were way out of bounds in expressing their dislike for the track conditions and should have been asked to leave for their actions in my opinion.

The dinner was a real treat for us locals and a new experience for the out of state riders, they served Jim boy’s tacos and even seconds were available. This year’s raffle was almost unbelievable, the amount and quality of prizes was beyond last year’s. And this the grand prize was a Giant mountain bike.

The music played all weekend by Mike the announcer was perfect and along with the great weather and some good racing the vast, vast majority of those who attended enjoyed themselves

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